Frankie Rose #3 - Sorrow

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And so starts a new week, I hope you enjoyed your weekend - "Sorrow" is the name of the track I'm writing about today, the first song to be taken from Herein Wild, the forthcoming album from the prolific Frankie Rose... It's a somewhat apt title for my state of mind yesterday, thankfully I'm now refreshed after a very early night and ready to face sunlight again - why do we do these things to ourselves?!

"Sorrow" is perhaps the name of the track but it's anything but as breezy guitars, purposeful drums and bright synths combine to create a luscious, upbeat melody that seems to be the perfect follow-up to lasts years 80's influenced Interstellar. We've got until October 7th to wait for the album, I'm expecting it to be just as good.