HAERTS - Heart, Wings & All The Days


Another long overdue posting, probably because HAERTS have been satisfactorily covered just about everywhere already... The New York quintet recently shared a very nice video by Yours Truly (although I have to admit I do get annoyed with interviews playing over the top of the live session, either or please) which highlights their irresistible sounds perfectly (especially from around four minutes when new track "Heart" starts) and I finally cave in to temptation and feature a 'new band' you've doubtless all heard.

"Heart" reminds me of a combination of countless bands from times gone by but the results sound modern and fresh; add the 80's pop of a Gloria Estefan and the stylish moonlight synth of an Ultravox with added 90's guitar shimmers and a bridge of Foals-esque tropical-pop and perhaps you'd create a melody this swoonsome. On top of this you have the truly heart-melting vocals of Nini Fabi, with a naturally warm, uplifting voice that you can't help but instantly fall in love with.

If you've been on Mars and missed the two tracks that have made their name so far I've included them below. "Wings" was the song that propelled them to the radar of many, a flawless beauty that smoulders with perfect cinematic textures, stylish, swirling atmosphere and subtle, reflective mood and "All The Days", another impeccably-crafted gem, where timeless, vintage soundscapes swoon and soar with exquisite ability combining with those beautiful, haunting vocals to beguiling results.

Haerts debut EP Hemiplegia is due mid September - I imagine it will go down quite well.