Let's Buy Happiness #9 - Run


A band I've included in my 'tips for 20xx' no less than three times Let's Buy Happiness return after what seems like an eternity with new track "Run", the first to be taken from their (extremely long-awaited) debut album "Chants for Friends" (as yet undated).

"Run" highlights a shift in direction, a more intimate, restrained sound to the Newcastle quintet. Seemingly gone is the faced paced, chiming guitar pop of a "Dirty Lakes" or a "Fast Fast" and instead there's this introspective, brooding melody guiding Sarah Hall's beautiful, reverb-filled vocals and hushed ethereal harmonies, it gradually builds with glacial guitar soars to something quite emotive and wonderful.

The track might be a slightly unexpected turn but it's an equally rewarding one too  - here's hoping what the album may bring - I'm hoping we'll see it around October when Let's Buy Happiness head out on a UK tour - the London show is on the 7th at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen.