Lily & Madeleine #2 - Devil We Know


I've been meaning to follow up my Introducing post on Lily & Madeleine (sisters Jurkiewicz from Indianapolis) for a while now, their debut EP The Weight of the Globe introduced a timeless sound of heart-melting perfection as effortlessly soft vocals and beautifully restrained melodies tugged at your soul. The news of their self-titled debut album and its lead track "Devil We Know" gives me the perfect opportunity...

Easily their boldest, fullest track to date, the stark, wistful sounds of the EP have grown in a similar fashion to that of the most recent First Aid Kit release, their crystalline vocal harmonies remain as pure and clear as ever and the lyrics honest and worldy reflections but they now blossom amongst country-tinged instrumentation that swells and beguiles, the added layer of complexity to previously simplistic arrangements works perfectly and nothing is lost from the overall sound. just added, "Devil We Know" transcends beauty and leaves you tingling all over - I can't wait to hear more.

Lily & Madeleine is due October 29th and is available to pre-order via Asthmatic Kitty now.