Lucy & The Caterpillar - Roads


At the start of 2012 I did an 'introducing' post on Lucille, who I then described as 'the new music project from the artist formerly known as Lucy & the Caterpillar', in a Prince style u-turn Lucille has once more become Lucy & the Caterpillar and to celebrate is releasing a limited compendium CD of tracks (available online soon and at a handful of gigs set for September - dates).

The preview track which you can grab for free via the link below is actually one of the tracks that I fell in love with as Lucille called "Roads". That video is since deleted but I think this live demo version holds much in common with the addition of a beautifully haunting piano line. Lucy's vocals are soft and heart-melting as a woozy melodic waltz makes brings you to your knees.