Manor - New Music "Introducing"


I'm horrendously behind on my emails but decided to take a look last night, my 'free night' ended up being an hour of looking through submissions and then writing a few of the blog posts you see this week - It's a good job I like to be busy - I did then settle down with Alan Partridge and a few beers so don't feel too sorry for me!

Amongst the first I read (I tackled my inbox most recent first) was this by an Australian duo I'd never heard of previously, Manor. The track I was sent "Architecture" is their third single and is utterly swoonsome, vocalist Caitlin Duff's light, ethereal vocal floats transparently over multi-instrumentalist's Nathaniel Morse funky bass groove, textured guitar-lines and splattering beats. The dance-floor ready rhythm and goosebump inducing vocal combination propels the track from another dream-pop track to something just that little bit special - not that I'm a big fan of them - but it's definitely a track I'm sure a few people would love to remix.

Investigation of their soundcloud finds two earlier tracks from a year or so ago, both "Rhodesia" and "Afghan Hound" are similarly rhythmic and gorgeous to boot, the former sees Nathaniel on lead vocals around chiming guitars and Caitlin's heavenly backing coos, the latter combines hypnotic beats, luscious textures and hazy vocals, it paints a canvas as propulsive and beautifully constructed as anything from Warpaint's The Fool and I think I may have just found my new favourite Australian band.