Marnie - The Hunter

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Marnie, the moniker of Ladytron's Helen Marnie releases her debut solo single release via Soft Power Records (who are aptly named after Ladyton's track "Soft Power" and have an impeccable taste in music) next week with two tracks taken from her Crystal World album, which itself is due at the end of the month after a successful Pledge Music campaign that I manged to completely miss...

You might need to act super quick if you want to grab a vinyl too, the magnificent, darkly-infused electro-pop wonder that is "The Hunter" takes me back to Depeche Mode of the 80's and seduces instantly with its glittering, propulsive melody and soft, ethereal vocals, on the surface a beautiful, emotional track with somewhat un-nerving undertones. The flip side "The Wind Breezes On" similarly combines synthetic pulses with the gorgeous softness of Helen's vocals managing to be both rich and glacial, simply put, this is stunning stuff.

You can order the ultra limited 7" of "The Hunter" via bandcamp now.