Oh Land #2 - Renaissance Girls


Pop music isn't generally my "thing" but I have always been prone to the odd stray towards the mainstream - not manufactured I'll add - Lana Del Rey was my album of the year last year after-all (a few of you may raise an eyebrow after the comment I just made!). Other occasions in memory include Alphabeat, whose debut album and shows (yes, I saw them twice) at The Great Escape in 2010(?) were nothing short of mood-enhancing wonders and then Oh Land, who flutters multiple genres within her dance-floor friendly Scandipop anthems.

I first fell for her music back at Glastonbury 2011 whereI saw her perform two intimate shows, at The Crows Nest and The Rabbit Hole, one half-acoustic which highlighted a truly breathtaking ethereal voice and one 'proper' set full of dynamic, kinetic energy and propulsive pop hits. Do also check out her version of "Bloodbuzz Ohio" - it's a totally different take on the track and I think it's rather great.

Anyway, the reason I'm here is for Oh Land's come-back single, taken from the follow up to 2011's self-titled second album (Wish Bone due September 24 via Federal Prism), "Renaissance Girls" could almost be a sister track to earlier songs "Sun of a Gun" and "White Nights", full of clattering beats and ultra-infectious rhythms topped by Nanna's soaring vocals - it's about the best power pop song I've heard all year.