Oh Sister #2 - Hot and Cold


I put quite a few Introducing posts up on here and sometimes don't follow up with the artist again, sometimes it's because the artist disappears or perhaps I don't quite connect with their next track as much, but in the case of Oh Sister who I first featured here about six months ago now it's an even more simple reason than that, a lack of new material. Thankfully a new recorded live track came to my attention earlier this week and commanded my almost instant praise..

"Hot and Cold" (video by James Houghton) is even more beautiful than those earlier songs, complimented by nothing more than a few tender acoustic guitar plucks the track manages to be one of the most heart-warming songs I've heard in memory. Sarah has such a rich, luxurious rich that can sound spine-tingling and pure one minute and aged-old and weary the next - it's a talent that should make many a people stand up and take notice when she comes to release something for proper.

Oh Sister plays regularly around London town - check out her Facebook for more information.