Pascal Pinon - Twosomeness

Musical discoveries can happen at any time, you don't have to find an artist when they've two dozen fans on Facebook or discover them on a buzz-blog to become a new fan of an artist, you can create the same bond with acts news or old (although this blog does tend to focus on acts still producing music today) whenever you happen to stumble across them, which leads me to Pascal Pinon, my latest 'overdue' discovery...

The twin pairing of Jófríður and Ásthildur from Reykjavík, Iceland Pascal Pinon released their second album Twosomeness back in January and played in London back in March. Since my discovery last weekend I've ordered the record (available via Norman Records in the UK) and whilst I'm waiting for it to arrive I have been enjoying the two tracks I'm going to focus on here.

"Bloom" is all beautiful, spine-tingling atmosphere, equal parts haunting emotion and other-worldy fogginess, like a hazy dawn on a dazzling summer day, the sparse, disarming instrumentation creates an intimate backdrop for the sisters' beguiling harmonies, their soft, gentle whispers and poetic songcraft captivates from beginning to end.

A similar feast for your senses can be heard on "When I Can't Sleep", like-wise minimalist and perfectly constructed, where a charming melody of twinkling keys and glockenspiel creates widescreen dreamscapes to completely immerse yourself in - I'm completely hooked and 2013 has another album to add to the potential end of year lists.