Wolf Alice #4 - She


Wolf Alice, one of 2013's early success stories have been relatively quite over the summer until now, the announcement of their debut EP Blush (due October 7th via Chess Club rccords with pre-orders's via Rough Trade) comes as the band hope to capitalise on the success of their diverse blend of rocking grunge-rock and the rich, heavenly vocals of Ellie Rowsell.

New track "She" gives a perfect indication of the band intention with the EP, searing and soaring one second, then the next all honey-toned bliss, starting all intense with urgent beats and impeccable 90's influenced guitar riffs offering an adrenaline filled accompaniment for Ellie's snarling vocals, then switching to delicate xx-esque drops, all languid and beautiful, those intersections don't last though and soon enough "She" is pushing along with more driving power-pop perfection. The EP promises to offer more of the same - that's more than enough for me.