Zola Jesus #16 - Fall Back


In my last post I mentioned country-tinged folk that leaves you tingling all over, whilst Zola Jesus isn't quite what I'd call 'country folk', boy can she leave you holding back on your emotions. Never more so than on the new, pared-down versions of tracks from her catalogue on the latest ZJ release Versions - a string quartet collaboration album with JG Thirlwell.

The LP comes out next week and new track "Fall Back" is its latest teaser (following on from the goosebump inducing "Avalanche (Slow)", it grows from similarly beautiful beginnings to become the most uplifting teaser so far as gradually the string section grows to a screeching, frenetic climax amongst Nika's repeated Meat Loaf inspired (perhaps?!) cries of "I would do anything to be the one with you".

This spectacular combination of pure, ethereal starkness and unadulterated emotion that Nika manages to deliver in her breathless vocal delivery promises to be one of the years most unmissable releases - Zola Jesus plays a one-off Versions show in London on October 3rd - tickets.

You can order a special limited edition via Sacred Bones with UK orders possibly best heading to Rough Trade and grabbing the record with a free DVD of the Zola Jesus show at New York's Guggenheim museum.