Arcade Fire #4 - Reflektor

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You must have been somewhere very remote if you didn't know that Arcade Fire were about to drop a new single, last night all the mysteriousness ended (well earlier if you took notice of the leak) when at 9pm on September 9th "Reflektor" was released online (and in record shops as a 12" single - good luck if you are still looking for one) - typifying the cryptic release, it was left to David Bowie's Facebook page to spill the beans (he provides a couple of lines of backing vocals late on in the track too).

"Reflektor" doesn't immediately strike you as Arcade Fire, indeed the funk-laden bass-line and shuffling percussion sound more Prince or LCD Soundsystem (James Murphy has long been announced as the producer of the forthcoming album) but as the track progresses and builds around the groove, Win Butler's distinctive vocals (equally Régine Chassagne's too) start to shine through, at almost eight minute you can call it an epic if you like as  amongst the synths the track reveals itself to be as poignant and wonderful as we've come to expect from Arcade Fire - a stunning return.

Reflektor is released October 29th - You can pre-order the double LP/CD via the bands website (which also promises early access to a shortly to be announced world tour)- exciting times.

Check out the video below, it features the band in papier-mâché heads and a man dressed in a mirror - a reflektor I take it!