Blood Relatives - New Music "Introducing"

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Blood Relatives are the Glaswegian quartet of Anna, Callum, Alan and Nick who came to my attention through their second single "Deerheart" (released digitally today), the title track from their debut album (due for release 28th October) both via Comets and Cartwheels).

It's a track as addictive and bright as anything I've heard this summer (although it appears by the grey murk I can see out of my window that summer may well be over) with glistening guitars shimmering around precise beats, "Deerheart" is all about the combination of buoyant pop hooks and Anna's beautifully accented vocal, her voice swoons around a breathless sense of fun and adventure.

Debut "Dead Hip" is even more addictive with a relentless rhythm section and a catchy, repetitive chorus that is guaranteed to embed itself instantly in your brain. If you're looking for a sense of youthful abandon and sugar sweet indie-pop to brighten up your day, you won't do much worse than press play below...