Dark Bells #3 - Want

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Here's a track I actually featured over a year ago as a (then) standalone soundcloud track, "Want" now sees its rightful release as a single on 7" (and no doubt download) via RIP Records (on 21st October). Dark Bells have slowly but surely been working their way up the London gig circuit this past year, steadily building a fanbase along the way with the ferocious roar of their live show and snarling intensity of tracks like this and previous single "Wildflower"

The tracks been mastered properly since and sounds better than ever with its rich, swirling guitar tapestry, deep throbbing bass and hypnotic drum patterns grabbing you by the bits and refusing to let go around Teneil Throssell's captivating vocals. Then it all slows down with a middle section full of tropical rhythms and dreamy psychedelia, it's a false dawn though as the track finds its strength again, soon reaching a climatic, sonic assault of a finale, the perfect balance of power and beauty, in a word - awesome.