Dios Mio - New Music "Introducing"


Dios Mio are a newly formed quartet from London with just the two demos the their name so far, both enough to get a new music blogs like this a little hot under the collar, packing quite the punch with a perfect blend of fiery guitars, precise beats and luxuriously captivating vocals.

"Tough Crowd" sums that up better than my words could, intoxicating immediately with a beautiful blend of languid, grunge-pop, shimmering peaks and a delightfully rich vocal, it slowly progresses in tempo around the same dreamy melody and caressing voice until the four minute mark when the track transforms into a pop-rock beast as machine-gun drumming and swarming guitar fuzz propel the track forward amongst the softly lulled coo's of backing harmonies.

"Lions" is just as worthy of praise, punching you right in the chest with a vibrant, thumping melody and forthright vocals, the track then continues to rip along in overdrive around dynamic, catchy hooks. Helena's effortlessly switching her voice from commanding to softening choruses. I'm already in love.

You can listen below and download both tracks on a pay-what-you-like basis via Bandcamp. Shows are promised for Autumn.