Isobel Anderson #3 - Gentleman

It's been a little while since I posted about Isobel Anderson,  September 2011 with a post about her last album Dark Path in fact. So to make up for that, here's a long overdue update about Isobel's new single "Gentlemen", the first single taken from the forthcoming album In My Garden.

The track combines quirky originality with Isobel's warming voice and Ruby Colley's beautifully restrained violin - I don't think I ever recall a song sampling the sounds of a tea shop at its beginning or lyrics such as "pour me another cup of tea" and “load up my scone with some cream" amongst the more traditional leanings of love not yet won.

The result is irresistible in any case as "Gentlemen's" delicate guitar strums and soft melody soothe and charms creating a blissful sound for those of us who perhaps increasingly like the idea of scones, coffee and chess at the weekend. Mmmmm....

You can download "Gentleman" from Isobel's Bandcamp now.