September Girls #7 - Ships

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Last year I went on a road trip to Manchester with a friend with the sole purpose of having a few too many drinks and watching some great bands. The gig that made two London based folk visit what is easily the UK's second best music scene was a pretty great one, PINS with support from September Girls, two much blogged about acts here. It delivered a Saturday night show that was everything we wanted, we later had kebab and chips on Oldham St and I've no real recollection of getting back to the friends we were staying at - a real win-win night!

The reason for that waffle is simple, that evening musical friends were clearly made between the two bands and now we see September Girls lining up to release a limited edition tape through PINS' own label Haus of PINS for the forthcoming Cassette Store Day (something in itself I'm torn about - Have you ever seen a cassette store? Do we really need releases from major labels and re-issues on tape? Shouldn't the day be celebrating the bedroom run labours of love who tend to use the cheaper cassette format nowadays?).

Anyway, due on Saturday is the quintet's new single "Ships" and the title track is quite wonderful, where an extended intro of chugging bass and creeping guitar lines create a moody fog of swirling, ominous pysch atmosphere before the girls typically reverb soaked vocal harmonies enter, all fuzzy, echoey and somewhere in the distance "Ships" is perhaps the most un-nerving, darkest track from September Girls yet.

Three more dates are lined up with Pins in mid October (I can't make any of them this time - mid week and up north) but an as yet unannounced London show is planned for Oct 18th - in the diary.

September Girls have also announced their signing to Fortuna Pop and dated their debut album for January 2014 - that's something to look forward to indeed. One of my 'tips for 2013' becomes one for 2014 in the blink of an eye.