Strange Relations - New Music "Introducing"

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Here's a post I've been meaning to do for ages, I got one of the limited tapes by Minneapolis trio Strange Relations much earlier this year, it came with a lovely handmade lyric book and really should be sold out by now - especially when you take a listen to their beautifully melodic pop which equally flirts with dream pop seduction, punchy beats and shoegaze guitars.

The perfect introduction is the track which plays if you load up their Bandcamp (where you can download / purchase the bands Ghost World EP) "Endurance", where languid, cascading guitars and pitter-patter beats lead slowly into Casey Sowa's beautifully affecting vocals - there's a rarity too with Strange Relations, a lead vocalist / drummer.

Elsewhere "Better Than Well" soars and drives around a heavy-doses of reverb and hammering beats, while title track "Ghost World" starts all delicate sweet with breathy and soft instrumentation gently building upon layers of sonic intensity to a frenetic conclusion.

As the Cities favourite son (well mine anyway) says, Rock 'N' Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis).