The Meaning Of Life - New Music "Introducing"

The main rule of this blog is spelled out within its title, I only feature music that I like but I guess there are a a few guidelines added on to that, one of those is that I don't really care when a song was released, just when I discovered it.

That brings me nicely to Brooklyn based duo The Meaning Of Life and their track "Laura V", originally released on EP Play Fuego (available on a pay-what-you-like download basis from Bandcamp) in August 2012 - it came to my attention a year later via a newly released video that's been sitting in my mailbox whilst I've been away.

Merging chugging bass and bright, infectious guitar hooks with the soft, dreamy vocals of Marta DeLeon "Laura V" is an elegant, nostalgia inducing blast of fun, all beautiful melody, rhythmic beats and luscious, fuzzy noise - I don't have a track of the day feature on this blog (probably because one post a day is usually about my limit in spare time) but consider "Laura V" today's.