The Tuts #3 - Worry Warrior

I managed to miss this on release last month, here's an overdue reminder for those of you who might have likewise done the same. The Tuts have progressed leaps in bounds over the past twelve months or so, having seemingly been taken under the collar by Kate Nash (who they've supported around the UK, and are currently doing the same in Europe). The trios brand of catchy, can't but help you feel better power pop is the sort of thing that's made to top the charts in an alternative world.

Their latest track "Worry Warrior" is thankfully more of the same, infectious guitar-led pop with the sort of riffery you'd expect from a Nirvana track wrapped around fiery drums, sharp tongues and gorgeous harmonies. More soon please! You can download "Worry Warrior" (and the excellent self titled debut EP) from the girls Bandcamp now.