Trick Mammoth - New Music "Introducing"


Trick Mammoth are a New Zealand based trio whose debut three track demo EP Baltimore highlights for sort of perfect fuzz-pop sensibilities ideal for adding a bit of colour to your day.

I came across the band via Bandcamp's fan collections when someone I followed purchased the EP (as you can on a pay-what-you-like basis from their site) with the title track "Baltimore" instantly raising nostalgic smiles with a distinctly 90's wave of bright, guitar led soundscapes and beautiful, dreamy vocals.

Trick Mammoth don't hide their influences, their lo-fi sound is jangly, smily and upbeat, a dose of fun you can already see fitting in amongst your local indie club night.

"Pinker Sea" is more languid with hazy shimmers and Millie Lovelock's soft, smoldering vocals weaving amongst lead songwriter Adrian Ng's backing harmonies and precise beats, a sweet, wistful gem from a band well worth keeping an eye on.