Young Unknowns #4 - I Want To Lose / Young Man


I've never come across a 'wall cloud' before, if you haven't either it appears to be an extension of a soundcloud stream combined with visual components, a slide show of pictures and in this case poetry. It's a cool idea to add to your overall listening quality and experience that probably aims at keeping you focused for four minutes straight - a task by itself in 2013.

Of course I wouldn't be featuring one here without good reason and that is the new single "I Want To Lose" from Meredith Meyer's Young Unknowns...

The track is as introspective and close as the title suggests with a chorus of "I want to lose everything, except for you, except the truth", its beautiful melody soon fogging over your mind with an irresistible combination of Meredith's luscious, softening vocals and intimate instrumentation with shimmering guitars and subtle electronics perfectly adding to the sweetening ambiance; tender, heart-wrenching and too damn bloody gorgeous. You can grab the single via iTunes.

Young Unknowns haven't quite finished with last years debut EP You Are A Young Unknown (available from their Bandcamp) either with a recently released video to one of its highlights "Young Man". It highlights another side to the band and together they make the ideal showcase, where "I Want to Lose" is all intimate and beguiling "Young Man" is youthful and carefree, smooth and progressive power pop with a driving melody increasing around strong drums and rich, empowering vocals. Unknown is definitely not how this band should remain.