Basia Bulat #2 - It Can't Be You / Wires


I didn't take French at school past GSCE (I did Spanish) so apart from the 'Bonjour' and the introductory 'Je m'appelle...' part I haven't the faintest idea what Basia Bulat is saying in the interview that accompanies (and in places overlaps with, much to my annoyance) an absolutely exquisite live version of one of my favourite tracks from her recent album Tall Tall Shadow "It Can't Be You".

It proves you don't need to be fancy to mesmerise, there's little here apart from a lovely Basia's beautiful, heart-stirring voice and intricate ukulele patterns and I'm left with goosebumps. I've also included an equally memorable session for La Blogotheque, which features two more tracks from the album "City With No Rivers" and "Wires", the latter is to be Basia's next single, here its delicate and stripped back and you can feel the intimacy and emotion within the track. Such a gorgeous video which makes me glad to be such a lover of music.

The album version of "Wires" bristles with life and a rich, rousing melody, where guitar, organ and an instrument I couldn't possibly name propel the track with a sense of freedom and fun - it's great to see musicians with a smile on their face and I think Basia has one on just about every video of hers I've seen - you can sense that enjoyment throughout here. I'll do my 25 favourite albums of the year posts some time in early December as per usual - I've not really thought too much about it yet - but saying that, here's an album obviously on the shortlist.

I missed Basia's gig in London last week - I hope she returns soon - I promise I won't make the same mistake again!