Boardwalk #4 - Crying


Here I am back after no time at all featuring LA duo Boardwalk again and if you take a quick listen to "Crying" below you'll quickly see why I've fallen smitten with them in no time at all. Three tracks have now been shared from next week's self-titled debut LP and all three are utterly wonderful...

After "I'm To Blame" and "High Water" introduced some hazy, languid soundscapes full of slow-motion guitars, sparkling electronics and beautiful vocals here's "Crying" to move the band in a slightly different direction. There are less Beach House comparisons here for sure, instead there's this Still Corners esque mood with a creeping, darkly sweet melody of spidery guitar and a gentle pitter-patter of beats wrapped up like a warming winter blanket around Amber Quintero's intoxicating vocals.

Seductive, gorgeous and completely bloody irresistible, Boardwalk can only be described as a must buy LP - thankfully for those of you who agree, the album is available next week on digital/cd/lp via Stones Throw.