Folding Legs - New Music "Introducing"

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Brooklyn quartet Folding Legs cropped up in my inbox earlier this week with a really bloody creepy video to their track "Double Time". Taken from their debut EP Drown in Light, released this week via KID Recordings it features a child's totem head with big, big eyes whose slow motion blinks pierce right through you and then slowly pans out to its mouth which is just as damn creepy!

The track itself though is wonderful so make sure you don't let it pass you by, a gorgeous, melodic piano led beauty with rich vocals and luxurious, cinematic instrumentation full of expression and intimacy.

Elsewhere the release showcases a diverse range of musicianship, where lead track "This Glass House" is direct with fuzzed out pop melodies and big beats full of spirit, closing track "Spring on 93rd St" is a devastating lament which really showcases the beauty of Katharina Stenbeck's crystalline vocals backed by little more pared down acoustic and sparkling glockenspiel. Overall, a very pleasing debut indeed.