Hella Better Dancer #5 - Sleeptalking

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Writing this blog has led to some great life rewards for me over the years, promoting gigs with acts that I've written about and releasing records likewise with my little label Beautiful Strange. Today sees a new chapter written...

Hella Better Dancer were featured here first back in May 2011 before I'd seen the London quartet play live or had ever spoken to them, simply one of the organic finds that make writing a music blog so rewarding for a music addict like myself. Since, I've seen HBD play on a good few occasions, the band played at the first ever gig I promoted (and then returned for another gig), I bumped into Tilly and Soph about 20 times during this years Great Escape festival and now, the band are releasing their new, incredible, single "Sleeptalking" through my little label of love.

I'm not down with self-promotion too much, check out the archive of my HBD posts for the praise I gave the band before I had a vested interest to see I really bloody dig this band but I'm not lying when I say that Sleeptalking is their best release yet. Listen to that bass-line and the guitar riffs and the beats and the harmonies - yes - it is bloody great.

The track comes out digitally today (grab it via soundcloud below) and on a super limited vinyl release (of just 100 copies) on November 11th. Each copy comes with a risograph print of the lyrics and stickers of the artwork too. The flip side is a super sweet acoustic take of "Sleep".

If you'd like to (self promotion alert) you can pre-order one from the Beautiful Strange Bandcamp or the band too.