Mistake Pageant - New Music "Introducing"


Mistake Pageant are a Glasgow based duo who've released a couple of tracks thus far (available via Bandcamp for free) in year long life span, aptly describing themselves as 'Two People Making A Lot Of Noise' both tracks sound as raw and intense as anything from the Blood Red Shoes debut and that's got to be a good thing for fans of abrasive punk-pop...

"You Think Your're Cooler" provides a timely kick in the face with catapult drums propelling the tracks blistering melody amongst Karlyn's bittersweet vocals swarming around jagged guitar riffs - there's no unnecessary padding here, just and exhilarating dose of energy and enthusiasm.

"Please Don't Think" slows things down with languid shimmers building to a powerhouse chorus with catchy lyrics and a moody, fiery edge - two tracks combining a raw, DIY ethic of old-school noise-pop and you can't help but think that this is a band with much more yet to be revealed.