Mt. Wolf #3 - Midnight Shallows

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I can't quite believe its already been over five months since The Great Escape, time flies and now we find ourselves starring 'list season' (December you may call it) well and truly in the face (well give it another month and a half for me).

I make the reference because it was May which last saw me catch up with Mt. Wolf and since the London quartet have gone from strength to strength with their phenomenal debut EP Life Sized Ghosts and subsequent release Hypolight, catapulting them to the attention of many and saw them recently play a sell out date at Union Chapel. In fact the band cropped up on my non-musical friends Facebook timeline after one of them was blown away by a recent support show with Ghostpoet.

The band return with another stunner "Midnight Shallows", available now via iTunes ahead of their biggest gig to date at Heaven on the 12th November. The track encompasses everything about Mt. Wolf thus far, a sound sure to send shivers and tears in equal measure, with vocals full of heart-wrenching emotion delivered by Kate Sproule's haunting vocals backed up by ambient, glacial soundscapes that soar and glide in perfect unison. It's a formula that can't fail to win.