Natasha Miren - New Music "Introducing"


My inbox has produced some gems this week and here's another, Natasha Miren, a London based singer songwriter who has just put two cracking tracks onto her Soundcloud. These are the first tracks from this solo incarnation but a quick Google search finds Natasha's previous project Erin K & Tash received such glowing endorsements as Guardian's 'new band of the day', I can definitely say I'm liking this new style more...

"Scarlet" immediately perked up my interest (as it should do yours too), a fresh guitar led pop beauty which shimmers around upbeat textures propelled by some lovely percussion with Natasha's glorious voice resonating above it all, soft and delicious, it can no nothing but make your day that little bit brighter. That's part of the reason that music is here after-all.

The other track available is "Overdose", a darker, more brooding track which starts with intricate guitar patterns soon hushed in the background with Natasha's devastating vocal delivery pushed firmly to the front of the mix. Soon piano, subtle beats and strings join in and the track becomes even more beautiful, reflective and intimate. The email promises 'there'll be lots more to come' - I can't wait.