Nova Heart - New Music "Introducing"

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China, the most populated country in the world and yet Faye Wong aside (thanks to her role in one of my all-time favourite movies 2046) I don't think I could name a Chinese pop star / band. That's about to change with Nova Heart, a Beijing quartet who seemingly (after a browse of their Facebook) have travelled around Europe and played various gigs over the past couple of years. "My Song 9" is the track which found its way into my inbox (via an Australian PR company) and I like it, I like it a lot.

There's this menacing synthetic heart-beat to the track that repeats around a dark and moody bass hook that sounds like it was made for German techno clubs but the track soon becomes an Italo-disco stomp with Helen Feng's ethereal vocals floating amongst pulsating rhythms, it's made for an early-early morning dance around a room lit only my a mirrorball (perhaps Hoxton Bar & Kitchen - if you've been there I'm sure you know what I mean!). I could easily insert the 'Drive' soundtrack line here too...

The track is taken from an EP entitled Beautiful Boys which was released back in April 2012 according to the quartet's Bandcamp page (where you can download it). The other tracks are equally impressive, "Good Ideas" has this gorgeous glittering introduction and is a perfect retro-electro disco track with "Beautiful Boys" taking it one step further with whispered backing vocals added to the cooly, sweet pop melodies. An EP that oozes seduction with stylish, funky and fun tracks - I'm down with that.