Novella #4 - Follow

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Running a new music blog that prefers to praise ahead of grumble (the opposite of reality!) means I'm often declaring many different acts as my new favourite thing, in reality there's probably not more than a couple of handful of bands that I can attentively follow to devote levels, one of those bands is most definitely Novella...

I've been hooked on them since their debut songs "The Things You Do" and "Oh Brian" over two years ago now and soon rushed out to see the London quartet (I think Iain on drums has been officially added to the bands ranks). I remember them opening at Corcisa Studios and soon after they were supporting Dum Dum Girls and Veronica Falls amongst others. The buzz was apparent and fulfilled by 2012's debut EP and subsequent single "Mary's Gun", the former appearing  at number eight in my releases of 2012 list, a 'sumptuous cocktail of sugary vocals buried in a sea of hazy, grungy guitars and battering drum beats'. Novella have also appeared on my 'ones to watch' posts for the past two years - I'd call that almost stalking!

Recently news and shows have been sparser as the band have been tucked away working on their debut full length, I missed a recent show at The Lexington but earlier caught the band at a blistering show at Scala and now we've been treated to the first signs of the recordings with new track (although one which has featured in the bands live set for a while now) "Follow". Taken from a four track EP Murmurs, an aperitif for a full length next year, and released on cassette next week, Monday 14th October via Italian Beach Babes with a special free show at the Shacklewell Arms this Friday to launch it - details.

The tracks long winding intro hints at what is to come, a raw, sprawling blend of gazing pysche-guitars with repetitive rhythms infecting your head before finally, just after the two minute mark Hollie's typically luscious vocals enter, floating nonchalantly with a dreamy hush adding an additional layer of hypnotic beauty to this spacey, exhilarating track.