Parlour #2 - Devil's Eyes

Since my "Introducing" post on Parlour with the exquisite "My Love", Angela Won-Yin Mak has slowly but surely been putting together a band and playing live shows around London town, now just over a year later the new Parlour, a quintet, have shared the first results of their labour "Devil's Eyes"...

The track starts with a similar sense of dreamy, fuzzy goodness as "My Love" with psyche guitars soaked heavily in reverb layered over Angela's soft, hazy vocals which float around in atmospheric bliss. The melody soon propels into life with a intoxicating burst of swirling, fizzing pop drones and hard-driving rhythm before returning to the swooning, hypnotic mist that introduced the track - again - such beautiful, beautiful noise.

Parlour have a few shows coming up, next up a single launch for "Devil's Eyes" at The Waiting Room on November 14th (details) which I cannot make but one I can, supporting Big Deal on November 27th.