September Girls #8 - Heartbeats

Following swiftly from an almost instantly sold-out cassette release September Girls return with new track "Heartbeats", their first single via Fortuna POP! whom will release the girls debut full-length in January next year.

"Heartbeats" is everything we've all come to love about the Dublin quintet all wrapped up within under three minutes, gorgeously ethereal, distorted harmonies entwined amongst fuzzy, reverb-heavy guitar jangles and rumbling rhythms combined with ominously dark undertones and infectious lyrics about unrequited love - perfect.

September Girls are back in the UK in a couple of weeks time including a London show at The Waiting Room on the 18th (details) and "Heartbeats" is released November 4th on Sea Foam Green vinyl (me neither - I guess it's a type of green!) - pre-order here.