Shady Elders - New Music "Introducing"


I think easily the most over used words on this blog are "beautiful", "dreamy", "shimmering" and guess what, here I am again introducing a band that are exactly that. Shady Elders are a quartet from Denver, Colorado whom released their debut EP No Favors back in April but came to my attention last week with a recently released video to its closing track "Summer Song" (which I timely discover just as Summer has firmly disappeared from the UK)....

The EP entwines a few different styles and genres together throughout five perfectly paced tracks, starting with the EP's opening track "In The Waves" which opens with an elongated instrumental of widescreen, cinematic soundscapes before soft, boy/girl vocals warm and intoxicate whilst "Schoolmate" is all syrupy doo-wop harmonies that recall days gone by amongst luxurious melody and Fox Rodemich's gorgeous vocals and then there's "Summer Song", a languid, hazy gem which creeps up on you with its brooding, faraway jangle. Combined it results in a beautiful debut full of fizzing, reverb echoes and nostalgic tales of love lost and won, you can't ask for much more than that.

You can download No Favors on a pay-what-you-like basis from Bandcamp now.