Strangefruit - New Music "Introducing"

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Strangefruit are a band I've had saved in my inbox for a few months now, waiting for a time when I could write a blog to do them justice rather than a rushed attempt at one, spare time however is one thing I've not been blessed with recently and instead I've decided that this gushing praise-boat will have to do!

The track that drew me in to the London band was the spellbinding "Ghosts". It instantly captivates with a haunting Portishead like introduction, trippy and restrained with slow motion drums and spidery guitars seducing around Jenny Maxwell's mesmerising vocals before it suddenly explodes with soaring twists of psyche atmosphere, full of darkly noir soundscapes that are both touchingly beautiful and hypnotically dramatic at the same time.

Equally stunning is "Sea of Fog" which combines those gothic tinges with both Americana and Spanish guitar rhythms, weaving a luxurious web of sultry, shiver-inducing vocals around a progressively powerful melody, building to a climatic finale of heavy rock guitars as Jenny duet's with herself until the lamenting cries of "It's hard to suffer and remain the same" bring the track to a devastating close.

Both tracks are taken from the bands debut EP Between The Earth and Sea available now from iTunes (and probably other digital retailers).