Tennis #6 - Mean Streets

The last time I featured Tennis (here) I did a long, waffling post about the fickleties of music blogs and events like Record Store Days. Fear not, they'll be none of that today, just a post on their luscious return "Mean Streets". The first track taken from the duo's forthcoming EP Small Sounds (which is released November 5th and available via the bands website) - US folk can see the band on a supporting tour too.

The track sounds like Tennis because of Alaina's distinctive vocals, as swoon-some and beautiful as ever floating amongst the soft, slow motion melody that accompanies them, a delicious combination of echoey guitars, pared-down beats and bubbling piano. "Mean Streets" however also manages to sound more purposeful at the same time, moving on from Cape Dory's infinity loveable themes with a wide-ranging, emotive palette - it promises much more from a band I already admire greatly.