Tina Refsnes #2 - Alaska


I first posted about Oslo based singer-songwriter Tina Refsnes back in May with her debut single "A Million Things". She returns with this absolutely beautiful new track called "Alaska" that will have you holding back the tears.

A simple, mournful lament accompanied by a live acoustic video that will bring out all manner of heartfelt emotion over its course. It sounds as human as any track I've heard in recent time as it aches and soothes with a pure, longing quality. The sort of track you'll be playing on repeat all afternoon whilst drinking a warming drink and reflecting on whatever it maybe.

I've also included a live version of the aforementioned "A Million Things" below, played by a river with nothing more than a lone acoustic, Tina's voice and the perfect backdrop for company. Her natural voice floats with loveliest, haunting sound and is just gorgeous. You can thank me (and Tina of course) for making your Sunday all the better after.