TOY #3 - Join The Dots

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One of the finest albums of 2012 in my humble opinion was last year's self-titled debut by London psyche-gazers TOY (indeed, I named it number four in my 'favourite albums of 2012' posts). Today's best news comes in the form that the London based quintet have wasted no time at all announcing the follow up to it, entitled Join The Dots it is dated for release on December 9th (a funny time to release an album perhaps, surely too late to feature in most 'critics' best of lists).

The title track has been available to stream and fans of that debut will likewise be salivating all down their tops, "Join The Dots" is instantly every bit as good as what came beforehand, epic sized in terms of length and scope (at some eight minutes in length) and full of the same type of brooding intensity too; throbbing bass, rumbling rhythms and shimmering guitarscapes all intertwine together here to devastating effect. As ever with a TOY track there are these monumental sized instrumental sections which kick on just as you think they are coming to a close and create these dark, widescreen pieces of nervy, claustrophobic perfection. In a word - awesome.

You can pre-order Join The Dots via Heavenly Recordings now - The band play at The Garage tomorrow with a Shepherd's Bush show for April 26th next year on sale later this week.