Trick Mammoth #2 - Delphine (With A Purpose)


A quick follow up for New Zealand trio Trick Mammoth whom I featured just a couple of weeks back with a set of demos highlighting a perfectly nostalgic fuzz-pop sound, they return with the first track taken from their debut album Floristry, lined-up for release in late November via Fishrider Records (NZ) and in the UK via Occultation next February.

The track "Delphine (With A Purpose)" instantly sounds crisper and more polished than those demos (as I suppose it should), gone is the lo-fi bedroom recording approach and instead there's a radiant melody that instantly shines full of atypical indie-pop sheen with rat-a-tat beats and jangle guitars leading the beautifully sweet vocals of Millie Lovelock's to swoonsome results. "Dephine" is definitely a glass is half full track - I like that.

An upgraded version of "Pinker Sea" is also included, super glossy and clean it still smolders with wistful gorgeousness. You can download the single now via Bandcamp. - that should tide you over until the full release...