Veronica Falls #11 - Nobody There


Hi Veronica Falls, you really do like to continually spoil us. Seemingly not content with an early year highlight with their second LP Waiting For Something To Happen, a glorious release full of beautifully melodic boy-girl harmonies, precise rhythms and blissed-out guitars, the quartet are back with a (currently) stand-alone stream of new track "Nobody There".

The track sticks close to the bands tried and trusted formula of  purposefully paced jangle-pop, a sound which has soon seen the quartet become one of the flag-bearers of this generation's indie pop brand. "Nobody There" bounces with sweetly sung verses and infectious choruses likely to be stuck in your heard all evening long. Even if I don't recommend you go around singing "hey, can you hear me" and "there's no use shouting, there's nobody there" too loudly in public, here's a song sure to brighten your day...

Veronica Falls play London's The Dome alongside Bleached next Wednesday - tickets.