Warpaint #8 - Love Is To Die

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It seems like we've been waiting a long time for this one. New Warpaint. The last couple of years I've only featured the quartet to say 'go and see them here' or 'it was great'. Now finally, they are back, following 2010's The Fool with a new track "Love Is To Die", shared whilst I was up in North Wales for a wet and windy half-term break. I'm instantly propelled to join the masses writing about it...

It's the first track taken from their forthcoming second record, imaginatively titled Warpaint and it ties everything people have grown to love about the band with glimpses of a more electronic sound highlighted at a recent show at the End of the Road Festival (I'm also seeing the girls tonight in Brixton with Pins supporting - whooop!).

"Love Is To Die" entwines a misty, slowly built melody of glacial guitars, hypnotic bass and enthralling beats with Theresa's lead vocals and typically glorious backing harmonies. Swirling and drifting around the repeated chorus of "Love is to die, love is not to die, love is dance" it slowly but surely pulls you in with a subtle, mysterious charm and commands you to press repeat. I'm not the only one with extremely high hopes for the album and this is just the start needed to hit them.

Warpaint is released on Janaury 20th 2014 and if you order the double LP quickly it comes with a free signed poster - full details.