Widowspeak #7 - Calico


Widowspeak never fail to press the right buttons with me and latest single "Calico" keeps that history right on track the instant I press play with a typically (for the band) swoonsome, nostalgic mood sweeping through as pitter-patter drums and shimmering guitars create a slowed-down waltz for Molly Hamilton's ethereal goodness vocals to shine. "Calico" is dreamy, hypnotic and transports you to somewhere infidelity more beautiful than reality.

I've previously posted about "True Believer" but I've included the track again, here recorded as a live version from a recently recorded event for the ever exquisite Wild Honey Pie, recorded on a boat with a backdrop as idyllic and beautiful as the sounds the Brooklyn based band produce - simply sublime.

Both tracks are taken from Widowspeak's forthcoming EP The Swamps, released 28/29th October via Captured Tracks.