Wyldeck - New Music "Introducing"


London's Wyldeck are here to take on TOY in that ever increasingly important category 'band with the longest hair'.Appalling attempt at humour aside the quartet have announced their intent with their debut track "Wolves", taken I assume from a four track EP that I can't find any release information about (but has all four track streaming on soundcloud)...

"Wolves" instantly captivates with the haunting harmonies of vocalist and lead guitarist Cece Wyldeck at the fore before building with mystical, progressive intent around sweeping guitars and rattling percussion. A darkly atmospheric folk beauty full of intrigue and hypnotic rhythms that combines the ethereal, rhythmic patterns of a Bat for Lashes with the Americana sounds of Widowspeak - something I cannot help but fall for.

"Smoke" highlights a softer, more intimate sound where delicate acoustic circles help bring out the real beauty within Cece's vocals and lyrics. If you want to see how this magic transforms to the live stage, you are in luck - the band play London's Sebright Arms on November 8th - details.