Be Forest #3 - Captured Heart

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It's been a while since we've heard from Be Forest, their 2011 debut Cold is one I still find myself listening to now, an album full of icy guitar howls, dark, brooding atmosphere with threatening rhythms combining with gorgeous ethereal vocals. It featured in my albums of the year posts and if you missed it then, I recommend catching it now.

Last week Be Forest announced their return as a quartet with "Captured Heart", the first track taken from their follow up full-length Earthbeat (due Feb 4th next year via We Were Never Being Boring).

The album title is an accurate description of the track too, where the overlying feeling from Cold was this chilly, mysterious mood "Captured Heart" is full of life with tribal drum beats catapulting shimmering guitars and dreamy vocal harmonies - it's fresher, warmer and distinctly beautiful - I'm all for that.

Besides one gig in Liverpool a couple of years back, I don't think the band have played in the UK. Let's make that change please.