Chelsea Wolfe #12 - A Take Away Show

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If you've followed this blog for a while you'll probably be aware of these two things. One I absolutely bloody love Chelsea Wolfe and secondly, I think La Blogotheque and their A Take Away Shows are some of the best live sessions to grace the Internet. I've posted about them numerous here before, now here's another one, a match made in heaven I'd say...

It sees Chelsea strips back two tracks from this years full-length Pain is Beauty and comes as the perfect reminder that less can be more. These versions of "Lone" and "House of Metal" make the albums title resonate deep, bringing a tortured intimacy to "House of Metals" not there on the original, it strips all signs of the electronic energy and strings prevalent on the album version and leaves the tracks core as a wounded acoustic lament whilst the albums closing track "Lone" is similarly drowned in emotion, as spine-tingling moment as heard this year, nothing more than a sole acoustic whose shadowy strums guide Chelsea's haunting, hymnal vocals - the result is simply devastating.

The album is staggering - make sure you own it - you can now via Sargent House.