Emily and the Woods #6 - Helios


Emily and The Woods were one of my 'tips for 2013' - 2014's come next week by the way - it hasn't quite turned out to be the year that the now expanded quartet 'take the step from a favourite of those within the London folk world to a nationwide treasure' (to quote my initial posting) but that could be set to change next year as late last week Emily shared the first studio recording for some time, a track called "Helios", taken from a forthcoming self-released EP Then We Collide due January 16th.

The track molds everything those who've seen the band perform live recently have come to love, an intoxicating blend of ringing melody as smooth percussion and shimmering guitars subtly build around Emily's smoldering vocals, a calming and intricate beauty, "Helios" is the sound of a progressive band who finally look set to fulfill all their promise.