Holy Milk - New Music "Introducing"


Holy Milk came to my attention because they are about to support blog favourites Blessa in London (November 12th at The Tipsy Bar). I can't make the gig, I'll be seeing that little known band called Arcade Fire on the same evening but their only track (thus far) introduces this devastating sound with a bewitching, calming quality to it that can do nothing but suck you in...

The track, "Confusing the Wind" combines minimal, electronic glitches with a whole host of random but subtle noises to create an icy, ambient platform for the honey-sweet vocal of Lucinda John-Duarte to transfix, maintaining your attention throughout until the repeated, final cries of "be my only saviour and give me your kiss" send chills right through your body, an eerily beautiful and compelling release from a young band to keep an eye on.