Hotel Cinema - New Music "Introducing"

Dipping into the archives of my drafts folder for a couple of overdue posts this weekend (I've currently 201 un-written posts by artists that I liked when I initially heard them - time isn't on my side). Hotel Cinema released their debut EP way back in January and came to my attention at the start of March, eight months later I'm finally giving them my ramblings, that's some gestation period.

The song that has me all a-flutter right now is the six track EP's gorgeous opening track "Rabbit Hole", it finds the Los Angeles quintet at their most beautiful with twinkling instrumentation sweeping and swooning amongst the sugar-sweet vocal of Keeley Bumford. The formula is repeated with more intimate restraint on the equally impressive "Fire Escape", it might be a little bit of the Badger ale I've been consuming on this Friday evening in but this is sounding just magical in my ears right now and that can only be a good thing.

The EP is available to download in full from Bandcamp.