Katey Brooks - New Music "Introducing"

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Some of you might remember that back in February I was part of a judging panel of bloggers for the Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition (fingers crossed it will run, and I shall be again next year!). Of the 200 odd artists on my list, I whittled it down to a shortlist of twelve that I blogged about here.

One of the dozen was Katey Brooks of whom I said: "A jaw-dropping vocal performance around gentle acoustic plucks, "In Light of You" spends two minutes as a genuinely gorgeous melancholic lament before transforming with a breezy, airy melody that will have even the hardest of souls toe-tapping before the end". My final three for those interested were Gerard and the Watchmen, Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker and Lillian Todd Jones (whom was later selected to perform in the final).

Looking forward Katey returns to my attention with her new EP I Fought Lovers (due digitally on November 28th) with two stunning tracks shared from it below. The title-track has a similar impact to the aforementioned "In Light of You", introducing a devastating vocal talent that instantly connects with deep emotive beauty, enriched by gentle acoustic circles and songs full of love, regret and passion. While the similarly goose-bump inducing "State of Mine" subtly builds from haunting beginnings with choral backing harmonies and restrained percussion to perfectly compliment the intimacy of Katey's powerful vocals.

The EP will be available via Katey's spin shop and I can't recommended it enough if you like your music to resonate deep and hit your emotions hard.